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a system of vehicles, for example, buses, trains, & aircraft, for getting from one place to lớn another:
Prompt action is needed lớn enhance the region"s transportation network, including highways and transit.

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Using public transit could save sầu the average two-adult household $6,251 each year, according lớn a recent study.
The shoông xã transit time for a given target thickness was determined from the peak of the laser signal.
However, even with several groups working for the past few years, there has yet lớn be a confirmed exoplanet discovery resulting from a transit search.
The transit time is the bounce time tb l 2 for the passing particles and half the bounce time for the trapped particles.
We have sầu applied a sophisticated, automated algorithm to identify the low-amplitude (y0.01 mag), brief (yfew hours) signatures of transiting exoplanets.
In this paper, we describe two techniques that exploit the transits in order khổng lồ detect other objects within the same system.
The electrokinetic contribution lớn the transit time is only a few per cent and it has been neglected.
While the high chất lượng và great form size of most ship-timbers made them valuable commodities, many were damaged in transit or storage.
In the language of classical mechanics, this ensures that a particle with coordinate transits just once from 0 lớn m or vice ver sa.
To achieve sufficiently accurate timing, each transit will have sầu lớn be measured with a frequency of greater than two images per minute throughout each sự kiện.
When travelling by kayak, all wildlife was recorded while transiting between known departure và arrival locations.
First, individuals who transit an intermediate đô thị (vị not leave sầu the airport) between their origin and destination are not distinguished from persons who travel directly.





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