Doctor Strange Getting The Time Stone Back Would Create A New MCU Problem The Time Stone is a powerful weapon in Doctor Strange"s arsenal but the sorcerer getting it baông xã could pose storytelling problems for the MCU.

Doctor strange Getting Time stone bachồng creates a MCU problem
Doctor Strange reclaiming the Time Stone could pose some big problems in the future of the MCU. As the primary weapon of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, the Eye of Agamotkhổng lồ has been a very important artifact lớn the future Sorcerer Supreme. But in order to lớn save Iron Man"s life as part of his long-term plan khổng lồ defeat Thanos, he willingly gave sầu it away in Avengers: Infinity War and hasn"t retrieved it since.

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Knowing full well how powerful & useful the Time Stone is to their mission to protect the realm from other-worldly threats, Doctor Strange was understandably adamant khổng lồ keep the gem. That"s until he peeked through the future và saw that to lớn be able lớn take down the Mad Titan, the Avengers had khổng lồ be defeated first and that he must give up the crystal. Fortunately, the plan worked, albeit taking half a decade, with Thanos ultimately getting killed in Avengers: Endgame. Despite this, however, the primary MCU universe is currently without any Infinity Stones anymore as the villain reduced them lớn atomic particles right after the Blip khổng lồ make sure that no one else can wield its collective sầu power lớn unvị the decimation. While the heroes were able to collect the Infinity Stones during the time heist for the reverse snap, they were eventually returned so as not lớn create multiple timeline branches.

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Doctor strange Getting Time stone back creates a MCU problem
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This has left Doctor Strange without the powerful Time Stone, his primary weapon against his most dangerous antagonists. This doesn"t mean that he won"t be able lớn reclaim the Time Stone again, although it might take a little more time & effort on his part. Similar to lớn what the Avengers did during Endgame, Doctor Strange can travel lớn the past using the Quantum Realm to reclalặng the green crystal. This might even be part of his mission in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which is expected to further explore the concept of the multiverse. While this poses some good news for the sorcerer, this could ultimately backfire with regard to lớn MCU"s storytelling. Ahy vọng the many capabilities of the Time Stone, it also allows Doctor Strange lớn peek through time; it"s the reason why he"s able lớn see 14 million outcomes of the fight against Thanos. Granted that this was integral to how the rest of the Infinity Saga panned out, giving Doctor Strange the capacity khổng lồ know what lies ahead poses storytelling problems for the MCU moving forward.

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Once this ability has been re-established in the franchise, it would be difficult for it not lớn be the mặc định move when Doctor Strange is involved. As he did in Infinity War, the sorcerer can easily look inkhổng lồ the future, kiểm tra what his options are in a matter of minutes, return in the present time, và set the events in motion that will lead khổng lồ getting favorable results. Unlượt thích time traveling which has clear repercussions as confirmed in Endgame, looking at what lies ahead does not. The Ancient One did this during her time, which is how she"s able to see that Doctor Strange would not only be her successor but would also ultimately the best Sorcerer Supreme, và there weren"t any issues that came out of it. If anything, it was even the deciding factor for her khổng lồ loan the Time Stone lớn Smart Hulk during the time heist.

Assuming that Doctor Strange does get the Time Stone back, there should be ramifications for using the gem khổng lồ look into lớn the future. That way, he"s dissuaded from using it frequently, only saving this particular capability for dire situations where the benefits of using it are bigger than the consequences. Otherwise, every single time the sorcerer finds himself in a tricky situation moving forward and not use this special skill opens Marvel Studquả táo up for a storytelling loophole.

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