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I do enjoy the horror/comedy features, a few of my favorites being Peter Jackson"s Dead Alive (1992) aka Braindead, and the Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell Evil Dead why did it take me so long lớn see this film titled Shaun of the Dead (2004)? You know what it was? I had a number of people keep telling me how I had to go see this film and usually, when that happens, I tover lớn avoid the very film they"re pushing as something inside becomes resistant to lớn the pressure...I"ll see a movie because I want to lớn, not because some told me I have sầu khổng lồ...I still haven"t read The Da Vinci Code, despite the fact someone even gave me their copy of the book...anyway, the film, co-written by Sitháng Pegg and Edgar Wright, who also directed, stars Sitháng Pegg (Mission: Impossible III), as the title character. Also appearing is Kate Ashfield (Fakers), Niông chồng Frost ("Spaced"), Lucy Davis ("The Office"), Dylan Moran (Notting Hill), Penelope Wilton (Calendar Girls), & Bill Nighy (The Hitchhiker"s Guide to lớn the Galaxy), who can soon be seen appearing in Pirates of the Caribbean sequels as a character named Davey Jones, in reference khổng lồ that old sea legover Davey Jones" locker, and not in reference khổng lồ the character from the 1960s TV show the Monkees, which was played by an actor of the same name.Shaun (Pegg) has problems...he works a dead kết thúc job in a chintzy appliance store (his teenage co-workers consider him the `old timer" being all of 29), he doesn"t get along with his step dad Phillip (Nighy), which has strained his relationship with his mother (Wilton), his girlfriend Liz (Ashfield) is in the process of dumping hyên ổn because she wants more out of their relationship, and his flat mate Pete is on his case about Shaun"s frikết thúc Ed (Frost), who lives with them but contributes very know the type, a big, greasy bohunk type who stays over one night, & then ends up moving in, sleeping on the couch, doesn"t pay rent, drinks milk from the carton, and spends his days playing video games & his nights at the local pub. Shaun"s life is a mess, và it"s about to lớn get a whole lot messier, as it seems an American satellite has crashed somewhere in the south of Engl&, resulting in the dead coming baông xã khổng lồ life, feasting on the flesh of the living, which then creates more of the first Shaun doesn"t notice the not so subtle changes of those on the street, until one of the dead wanders inkhổng lồ the garden of his flat (at first, Shaun & Ed think the woman is hammered). As the situation becomes clear, Shaun tries lớn hold it together, gathering his friends và family with the intent on barricading themselves in the local pub và waiting it out, but the dead are hungry, & if they don"t get Shaun và his group, tensions from within surely will...I had a lot of fun with this film, as any người of the zombie films should, at least those who don"t take things too seriously và can stand a movie that pokes a little fun at the genre. The comedy in the film isn"t so much of the slapsticky kind (there is some) featured in the films I referenced at the beginning of my Review, but more so a subtle kind that I found really appealing. While watching the movie one familiar with films that came before can"t help but feel those responsible for this feature are true fans of the genre, và horror films in general, given the immense amount of references included, in terms of visuals, the script, and various other aspects of the production, all of which can be identified by activating a special Zomb-O-Meter subtitle traông xã. I also really enjoyed the thoughtfulness in the structure of the movie, for example, near the beginning, before the influx of the zombies, we see Shaun walking lớn a nearby store, & there"s a good amount of normal, street activity (a kid playing, a man washing his oto, a homeless man begging for change, etc.). The next day, after Shaun got dumped by Liz and subsequently went out with Ed & tied one on, we see a slightly hung over Shaun, walking the same, exact route, except now things are very different. The streets are clear of people (except for a few presumably walking dead), strewn with trash and in disarray, yet Shaun, given his current state, does not take notice...very funny sequence. Another great bit was when Shaun and Ed finally realized what was going on, after an incident in the backyard & one of the dead actually entering the flat, because, as usual, someone forgot khổng lồ lock the front door (this was persistent issue with Shaun"s roommate Pete, who despised Ed). As the story progresses, Shaun seems khổng lồ come to terms with his relationship issues, generally at the most inopportune moments, one of them being a very touching scene with his step father Phil in the bachồng of a car, just prior khổng lồ Phil `losing the battle". Another great sequence in this regard was when Shaun và Ed had it out, in front of the pub, surrounded by hundreds of dead eyed spectators. I thought the performances all really good (both Pegg và Frost stood out for me), & the characters completely distinctive and interesting. The direction was excellent, as the use of various gimmicks done especially well, keeping me interested rather than distracting. As far as the zombies & special effects in general, I thought they were all done very well, resulting in excellent production values for a film of this type, this type being a relatively independent feature made on a relatively modest budget (this film cost a reportedly 4 million lớn make, while George Romero"s 2005 Land of the Dead cost about 15 million). The zombie effects are decent enough, & there is one, particularly gut wrenching (literally) near the over which casual viewers might find hard lớn take. All in all I thought this an excellent film and a great effort put forth by the filmmakers, one which all fans of the genre should appreciate, but may have limited appeal lớn the casual viewer not familiar with all the `in" jokes and references (some were obscure, even to me).The picture, presented in anamorphic widescreen (2.35:1), looks very sharp và clear, và the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio comes through very clean. As far as the special features, there are a good amount of them related to the film, of which I won"t danh mục as the trang web does this well enough, but not so much as lớn overwhelm...I love those releases where they interview everyone and anyone, despite their peripheral involvement in the making of the film (does anyone care what kind of snackies the caterer supplied during production?). Also included are some unrelated Universal pReviews that come up as the DVD is inserted inkhổng lồ the player, but these can be bypassed through your remote. Used khổng lồ be Universal gave you no choice in watching these things, but I guess they got enough complaints as to allow viewers to bypass them if they wish...Cookieman108
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