(the hollow stem of) any of various types of tall, stiff plants like grasses growing together in groups near water

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a thin piece of wood or metal that vibrates very quickly khổng lồ produce sound in a musical instrument when someone blows it

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A reed is also a thin strip of wood in some musical instruments, such as the clarinet or oboe, that produces sound when air is blown over it.
The three-tier mahogany buffet with partially reeded slender balustrade upright supports was a theme of his television programme.
The huts were constructed of corrugated iron, bamboo and woven reeds, & would have been quite inadequate to keep out a really heavy rainfall.
Our clumsy novices play their part in creating isolationists by talk which allows them to lớn misrepresent us by calling us broken reeds & ingrates.
Elementary education is essentially a preparatory education, and ought lớn be organised with regard for the growing reeds of the child.
They were cultivating this lvà which had never grown anything but reeds before, & they were producing their own rice.
The manufacture of these reeds takes place in my constituency, by highly skilled persons who are very anxious lớn retain this export trade.
If he will not bởi vì this, will he at least explain why there reeds khổng lồ be secrecy over such an important matter?
Furthermore, the reeds themselves can take up a proportion of the waste, including metals, and aquatic plants are being used khổng lồ extract & recover precious metals from waste waters.

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