used in negatives and questions to show that you disapprove of something and vì chưng not think it should be used or done:

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A necessary evil is something unpleasant that must be accepted in order khổng lồ achieve a particular result:
Necessary can be used in negatives and questions khổng lồ show that you disapprove of something and bởi not think it should be done:
Families were in poverty, he said, if their "total earnings are insufficient to lớn obtain the minimum necessaries for the maintenance of merely physical efficiency".
Obviously if the whole of the surplus-value is consumed unproductively it makes little difference how it is consumed, either as necessaries or as luxuries.
Firstly wives alleged that during cohabitation their husbands removed necessaries from them or refused khổng lồ supply cash or credit to lớn purchase them.
The comtháng law had long prohibited price fixing và monopolization of commodities considered "necessaries of life" and ser vices affected with a public interest.
Instead, the common-law device of the law of agency provided her with the right to lớn purchase necessaries in her husband"s name, according to lớn his rank & wealth.
However, the necessary tools are still missing, given the lack of knowledge of the specific molecules important for the biogenesis of these protrusions.
Even if there is no necessary biochemical tendency in this direction, it is possible that pathways và their regulation have evolved lớn promote such interactions.
Priming of cytotoxic cell responses is necessary for the kiến thiết of therapeutic cancer vaccines, as well as for viral vaccines.
The contract for £450 sterling to lớn " repair " the king"s chapel records that "desks, stalls, lofts and other necessaries " were lớn be inserted.

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to lớn separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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