I’m an eater, traveler, author, blogger, Clip host, a coffee drinker, & some other random things, but mostly I just love lớn eat delicious food.

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My wife Ying và I are based in Đất Nước Thái Lan, but we frequently travel while making food videos, và blogging. We also occasionally bởi vì freelance projects lượt thích write about Tnhì food & take food photos.

Thank you for stopping by, & I look forward lớn connecting with you more!

– Mark Wiens

The longer version:

I was born in Phoenix, Arizomãng cầu, in the USA in 1986.

I don’t have many memories from my first few years, but what I vị rethành viên is that my mother tells me I was eating rice from day one.

When I was 5 years old, my family moved Albertville, a small town southeastern France in the mountainous Alpes region. Other than going lớn Hawaii và Canadomain authority back & forth a few times to lớn visit relatives, this was my first journey.

An awesome lunch in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

From France, we moved to the center of Africa, a tiny village in northern Democratic Republic of Congo (then called Zaire), called Tandala.

Though I was quite young at that time, DR Congo was a foundation, a learning experience of culture, food, và friendships.

One of my favorite activities living in the jungle of DR Congo was sling-shot hunting for random birds with a few of my friends. After we’d shoot a bird, we’d setup a fire, roast, & eat them – usually there were only a few bites.

DR Congo is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but unfortunately due lớn irresponsible leaders & mis-management, the country và its people have (& still are) suffered.

In 1996, my family moved to lớn Kenya, right inkhổng lồ the heart of the capital thành phố of Nairobi.

From 5th grade, all they way up through graduating from high school in 2008 (with the exception of 1 year baông chồng in the US), I attended Rossylyn Academy.

Although I wasn’t a huge người of school at the time, I wouldn’t change the experience of attending Rosslyn for anything. The friends I had (và khổng lồ this day), the teachers, the chất lượng of education, and the phối of

After graduating from high school, I had no idea what to bởi.

The common thing to vì chưng was khổng lồ graduate from high school, và go on to lớn university somewhere. And though I had no plans, I returned to the US và eventually I enrolled lớn Arizona State University.

During my four years at University, again I was able to make some incredible friends from around the world & I enjoyed my experience, yet at the same time I had an urge to lớn keep going, to see more of the world.

I graduated from ASU in 2008 with a degree in Global Studies; I had a diploma, but I still had no idea what khổng lồ vì – I just knew the last thing in the world I wanted lớn vày was sit in an office.

During university I worked full time, and I sold many things on sites lượt thích eBay & Craigslist. I also saved as much money as I could, while paying my university tuition.

So when I finished university I had a little bit of money saved, và I had no debt (make every effort / choice you can khổng lồ be debt free).

About a month after graduating I went to South America – Buenos Aires, Argentimãng cầu khổng lồ be specific. My goal was not khổng lồ just travel and buổi tiệc nhỏ, but instead I wanted to lớn learn, eat, & just see what it was like to lớn live sầu there.

I decided lớn take a TESOL course to lớn learn to lớn teach English – I thought if I can teach English somewhere in the world, it can be a way for me lớn live sầu overseas & earn money.

The 1 month course went well, & again, I received a diploma of achievement, but I still had no idea what I wanted to vị.

I traveled though Argentimãng cầu, Uruguay, and Chile for the next couple of months, & then returned baông chồng lớn the US for my sister’s wedding.

While back visiting the US, with all my fresh memories of South America – the people, the food, the breathtaking Torres del Paine (which I was lucky enough to hike for 10 days), I decided lớn start a blog – thinking I could just post some photos and experiences lớn nội dung with my family and friends.

At the beginning of 2009, Migrationology.com was born in about 1 week of mental straining, and having little clue what I was doing – but I eventually had a website & posted my first few article.

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The idea behind the name Migrationology was that it was going khổng lồ be about travel, but experiences in travel – food in my case – và not just rushing from place to place or taking a quick vacation – but about local immersion.

About a month later, I bought a one-way ticket lớn Bangkok, with zero plans after that.

I traveled throughout Southeast Asia, both with a friover, và by myself for the next 6 months, soaking in as much as I could, và loving every bite of food I could fit in my stomach – though food, I fell in love with Southeast Asia, blogging along the way – that is when I had internet – which I wasn’t as concerned about baông xã then.

At some point when I was in the Philippines, a buddy of mine, Joel, from way back in Nairobi, wrote me an e-mail and said, “I’m joining you, where should I buy my plane ticket?”

I was making plans by the day at this point, so not knowing exactly what else lớn say, I said Bangkok, knowing I could get there from wherever I might be in the next few months.

We met up in Bangkok, did nothing but eat for a couple of months, & then the reality settled in that both of our finances were just about finished.

It was finally time for me to lớn make use of my TESOL certificate I had gotten in Buenos Aires!

With a university degree and a TESOL certification, it didn’t take long for me lớn lvà a job teaching English in Bangkok at a private institute, & I signed a one year contract. My frikết thúc Joel eventually got a job teaching English at a school in rural Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười.

Teaching English was a great experience, & I’m really glad I did it… but I have sầu to be honest và say that it just wasn’t for me. The Tnhị students và met & connected with were amazing, but I’m just not the type of guy that can sit in a classroom all day.

During my year of teaching English, I was still blogging, & at this point Migrationology.com was starting lớn grow, & I realized there could be potential for a blog beyond having your family read it.

I made a commitment to lớn blog & experiment with online projects in every spare moment that I wasn’t teaching (even when I was eating).

Along with earning money as a teacher, I lived a frugal life, something I had learned from my father & from the way we lived and traveled while growing up.

In Bangkok I could live for $285.06 per month, sharing a studio apartment, & eating delicious food (keep in mind this lifestyle may not be for everyone, but when you have sầu a goal and strategy, I think it’s a great lifestyle), while investing my time in online projects.

I failed at a number of online projects, but I kept blogging and writing và publishing, & I made another commitment to lớn never have to lớn teach English again (I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with teaching).

After finishing my year of teaching English, I was still not making enough to live sầu off, even by myself.

But I was earning a little bit – & that’s important – it kept me going & pushing further.

And again, by living frugally, và having saved probably 90% of the money I made teaching English, I worked by myself diligently, sweating at the computer in Bangkok for long hours, blogging & investing my time in online projects.

Within a humid sweaty studio room in southern Bangkok, I published the Eating Thai Food Guide, my first eBook, a sản phẩm that allowed me lớn earn more of a living, và still what is one of my most passionate works.

In Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan, with a lower cost of living, I could afford khổng lồ spkết thúc time working on my own projects, instead of someone else’s.

Things grew slowly, but I kept persisting, & experimenting.

The best day of my life

While teaching & living in Thailand, I met Ying, an incredible cook, traveler, eater, and just the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I consider myself blessed và lucky that I met Ying & that she agreed to marry me.

We got married at a restaurant in Bangkok, ate a feast of southern Thai food, và instead of having one of those beautiful giant wedding cakes, we had a beautiful giant durian.

So that brings us khổng lồ where we are today.

Ying và I are based in Thái Lan, but we travel frequently, in pursuit of delicious food.

I by all means don’t have everything figured out, but everyday is an opportunity to bởi vì something, try something, and learn something.

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