Infinity is the cosmic entity that defines the entirety of space và its occupants.

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Together with Eternity it encompasses all of creation, representing both time & space. Infinity was "born", along with the other abstracts, with the "Big Bang". Each universe has its own Infinity, all overseen by the Living Tribunal & its enigmatic master, the "One Above sầu All" (not the Celestial by the same name).

Long ago the Asgardian all-father Odin added a tiny sliver of infinity's powers to lớn his own powers, which were later stolen & corrupted by the Asgardian death-goddess Hela. Christened Infinity, the sliver threatened to destroy the universe until stopped by Thor. More recently, the newly disembodied Inhuman/Deviant hybrid Maelstrom, whose atoms had been spread across the universe, learned of the existence of the abstract entities. He slew và replaced the cosmic being Anomaly. Aided by Oblivion, he sought lớn collapse the universe into a single anomalous point, bringing all that is lớn Oblivion's realm, và secretly planned to lớn become the new Oblivion in the process. As part of his plan, Maelstrom killed Eon's protector Quasar,stealing his quantum bands và Eon's powers.

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Maelstrom then created a blaông chồng hole in the center of the universe svào enough khổng lồ pull all of existence. Quasar's energy-ghost contacted Infinity, who revealed its role in recent events to make him its avatar. Quasar killed Maelstrom và had almost reversed the spatial explosion when Oblivion pitted him against its avatar, the reborn Maelstrom. The two were evenly matched until Quasar realized that an earlier retroactive sầu act by the cosmic entity Origin had made hlặng the superior anomaly & used that knowledge to destroy Maelstrom. Infinity & Oblivion summoned their counterparts Eternity & Death to lớn negotiate a new pact between their forces allowing, amongst other things, Quasar's resurrection.

Infinity later joined with other abstracts in confronting former Damage Control employee Edifice Rex. A merged Infinity/Eternity bound Adam Warlock's evil side, the Magus, inside Warlock's soul gem. Infinity witnessed Roma's attempt lớn keep Franklin Richards' powers from overwhelming the universe, & subsequently gave sầu the Shape-of-the-Worlds faux-medieval creation "Eurth" a permanent existence. Later, the merged Infinity & Eternity were almost driven mad by the coming death of reality-anchor Atlez, but were restored when Warloông xã brought in his replacement Atleza. When Thanos used the Heart of Infinite to lớn destroy all reality, including Infinity, Warloông xã convinced hyên lớn recreate the universe and restore all abstracts.

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