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incorporate a component/an element/a feature sản phẩm điện thoại phones incorporate features of desktop computers, personal digital assistants, and landlines.

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incorporate a concept/an idea/a theme Working with colleagues from other countries gives us the opportunity lớn incorporate new ideas and methods.

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incorporate sth with sth Thirty years ago, the idea that a phone could be incorporated with a computer và be held in one hand was the stuff of comic books.
On the other hand, they sought to lớn incorporate the philosophical definition of elements as the building blocks of the universe.
Reproductive sầu responses incorporate the phonetic characteristics of the preceding child utterance into lớn maternal responses.
The asset portfolio can incorporate bad outcomes that are relatively independent of economic wellbeing, such as psychological diáp lực.
She argues, then, that learners incorporate phonological và distributional information khổng lồ arrive at adult syntactic representations.
Another interesting aspect of the kiến thiết is that the spreadsheet incorporates symbolic reduction and normalisation of symbolic expressions (including equations).
However, the extension of this argument for also incorporating estimation of error functionals is straightforward.
For example, can the ethic of care be easily incorporated inlớn legislation, or might it ultimately be too discretionary to capture within legal rules?
Fortunately, unlike moment estimators, it is relatively easy to lớn incorporate a Model of genotyping errors inlớn the triadic likelihood estimator of relatedness.





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