Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death, rules two of the nine realms: Hel, land of the dead, and Niffleheyên ổn, land of eternal ice. With a simple touch, she can cause gods to perish, but Hela's purpose is khổng lồ receive Asgardian souls, as well as their followers.

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She is known for her jealous wrath, her lust for ruling Valhalla, & her perpetual quest for both Thor and Odin's souls. Though, as she holds power over life as well, she can be forgiving when it comes khổng lồ matters of the heart & personal sacrifice, restoring souls when it warms the dark corners of her heart—or when it helps to lớn defeat her rivals.

Ruler of the Underworld Realms

Hela is the child of Loki, God of Mischief, & the giantess Angrboda. Hela's face is withered & decayed because she was mystically born half dead, but wears a cloak that conceals this imperfection, & while wearing it, she appears to be a beautiful woman. This cloak is where much of her power resides—in the same way that Mjolnir represents Thor's godhood.


With the powers bestowed by her cloak, she can control the remains of those that reside in her realms, but that ability isn't enough lớn satisfy her. Hela's lust for power và her tendency towards jealousy leads her to attempt lớn usurp Valhalla và the Valkyrior.

She also plays a pivotal role in Ragnarok, a cyclical apocalypse for Asgard. Part of her role was to lớn oversee the construction of a ship, the Naglfar, which is built from the fingernails of the dead & rains destruction over the Nine Worlds as her father Loki leads the forces of evil inlớn their final battle with the Asgardians.

A Cloak of Many Powers

While Hela is long-lived and possesses superhuman strength lượt thích the other gods of Asgard, her cloak gifts her several unique powers. She casts bolts of energy, causing her targets khổng lồ grow old, wither, or die. Hela can restore recently deceased gods baông xã to lớn life, provided their souls have not yet passed into the afterlife. She can also project a variety of destructive sầu magical blasts and concentrate her power in one hand, granting her striking power to rkết thúc even the strongest Asgardian flesh; Hela calls this ability her “hand of glory.”


The Goddess can teleport across the nine realms, open portals through time, & levitate. Hela also casts illusions and can alter Hel’s appearance. She also releases her spirit as an astral projection, which retains much of her powers.


Hela is weakened without her cloak—so much so she cannot keep herself standing or cast magical power. It's theorized that without her cloak, she cannot leave sầu her two realms.

Divine Rivals

At times, Hela's family members prove sầu lớn be her foes. Her grandfather Odin and uncle Thor repeatedly thwart her bids for more power. Odin commands her obedience in her role as death goddess, & Thor fights her when her hunger for power grows too high & when he tries lớn defeat death itself.

Plulớn, the Olympian God of death, is both rival and ally having proved the former when he invades Asgard khổng lồ clayên Odin's soul.

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The Asgardian Ollerus seeks to supplant Hela in Hel và amasses an army lớn conquer the lands of the dead.

Odin's Valkyrior is pit against Hela because she wants to lớn rule their realm of Valhalla where the honored dead go after they have been slain.

The Demogorge, or the great devourer of gods, poses a deadly direct threat lớn Hela. While he can kill her, she also can be brought baông chồng to lớn life by other gods willing lớn do so.

When Skurge the Executioner is sent lớn Hel khổng lồ help retrieve sầu mortal souls, Hela tricks hyên ổn to stay. To spite her for her illusions, he destroys her ship Naglfar.


The Asgardian Angela seeks lớn free the Angels of Heven who raised her as well as her lover Sera, from Hel. In her effort, she defeats Hela in her own realm but spares her in hopes Hela sees the error of her ways. She frees the Angels, sending them to Elysium, and rejects becoming Queen of Hel, handing the regency lớn her brother Balder.

Angelic Allies

Loki, as Hela's father và the God of Mischief, is one of her few allies whom she partners with to lớn bring about Ragnarok, the kết thúc of Asgard.

Hela has formed alliances with other death gods such as Pluto, the Olympian God of the dead, và has held court with many rulers of demonic realms such as Blackheart, Dormammu, Mephiskhổng lồ, và Satannish.

The Prophetess Volla who has powers of precognition is a dead spirit that resides in Hel. Hela relies on her council & employs other dead spirits such as the Silent One to lớn vì chưng her bidding.

Fenris Wolf & the great Wolf Garm are Hel beasts under the servitude of Hela. Garm guards the entrance lớn Hel và resides at Gnipa cave sầu. Fenris Wolf is loyal khổng lồ Hela, và acts as her pet.

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