Chris Peruzzi is a comic book superhero historian who is passionate about how today's comic book heroes are the new mythology for America.

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The Marvel Universe's ancient beings that have sầu been around since their big bang – and even before it. There are beings so old they’ve sầu not only seen the extinction of their own species, they've sầu seen the rise và fall of countless alien civilizations.

I want lớn talk about Marvel’s Elders of the Universe.

Strike that, I don’t want to lớn talk about them. The reason being there's no group of galactic-màn chơi self-centered a-holes as annoying as these jerks. It’s not that they’re evil, either. They’re just really, REALLY annoying. Really. I’m not kidding.

It's practically the same story for every single one of these guys. Someone discovers he's immortal & grew bored. Then he got a hobby to lớn pass the time.

And that’s what they did. They got a hobby. And, after a dozen millennia went by, that hobby grew into an all-consuming obsession. That obsession grew khổng lồ define them. As a matter of fact, the Elders of the Universe don’t even really go by their names. They're named after what they bởi.

None of them have sầu real origins. They’ve just been around & they don't die because they’re powered by the power primordial.

There are several Elders và not all of them have been introduced. What you really need khổng lồ know is 1) that they’ve been around for billions of years, 2) they’re very hard to kill & 3) they’re not beyond resurrection.

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Another reason why I feel I must talk about them is since the Marvel Universe has become so popular, I know dozens of my friends will ask me who some of these guys are when they pop up in the next movie. We’ve seen one of them already in The Guardians of the Galaxy, Taneleer Tivan – The Collector. Jeff Goldblum was also cast as the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok.

So, let me tell you about these self-absorbed jerks.

Elder Quote

When mortals meet me, they Gọi me...the Grandmaster! When we part, they gọi me...sorrow!

— The Grandmaster


En Dwi Gast - aka The Grandmaster

Marvel Comics

The Grandmaster - An Immortal Gambler

Ever meet that jackass soccer dad at the kids’ intramural game who’s just a bit too into lớn it? If you have sầu, then congratulations, you’ve sầu basically met the Grandmaster.

En Dwi Gast goes by the handle of The Grandmaster. All you really need lớn know is that he’s in it for the game. He’s a gamester—just like those Star Trek guys on Triskelion. He likes to lớn gamble & when he absolutely has to lớn, he’ll compete.

The Grandmaster is a calculating strategist who also enjoys a good game of chess. As a matter of fact, he’s studied games throughout the universe for billions và billions of years. His mind is such that it is attuned to how games are played.

He lives for amusement.

The thing about the Grandmaster that is really scary is how powerful he is. He holds the power of life, death, and resurrection (provided the death took place less than two days prior). Well, resurrection for most people. If you’re one of the more complex cosmic entities, you might be beyond his power lớn bring baông xã from the veil. Of all of the Elders, he’s the most powerful.

Another thing about the Grandmaster is he won’t welch on a bet. When he had challenged Death the stakes were khổng lồ bring his fellow Elder, The Collector, bachồng from the grave. It wasn’t until he'd won that he discovered he'd have to replace his Elder’s life for with another’s. Rather than break the rules of the game, he sacrificed his own.

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