“On the wild marshland, a group of people have sầu tried their best over the past 15 years to phối up the current Phu My Hung New Urban Area. Based on these sizable projects, another group of people continue to develop HoChiMinc City toward the East Sea”.

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(Lawrence S. Ting, the late Chairman of CT&D Group và Phu My Hung Corp.)

Phu My Hung Development Corporation (PMH Corp)The Infrastructure developer of the New City Center. The company was established on May 19th, 1993 as a joint-venture between the HoChiMinc City People’s Committee (represented by the Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company) and Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation (Formerly Central Trading và Development Group (CT&D – Taiwan))



Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Corporation (IPC) was founded in 1989, aiming khổng lồ develop export processing zones to enhance the socio-economic growth in Sài Gòn City. Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone was established for this reason, followed by Phu My Hung urban development project.

This is also the first infrastructure project of attracting foreign investment in Vietphái nam. After 25-year development, IPC has become one of typical businesses of the city in investing infrastructure for the economic growth và urban development, executing the “Eastbound Sea movement” strategy và playing important role in promoting the development of South area of HCM City.

IPC comes up with innovative sầu và pioneering projects that create initiatives for the new policies và models in boosting the economic and urban growth as well as transferring the marsh lvà in South area of TP HCM đô thị inkhổng lồ the industrial zones và modern city center with well-established infrastructure.

IPC’s Scope of works

Develop & exeđáng yêu infrastructure projects for export processing zones, industrial parks, new residential areas in Hồ Chí Minh đô thị & other regionsProvide necessary services for industrial parks and export processing zonesProvide maritime trade & transportation services (ship broking, ship agency, debarking, shipping services)Make financial investment khổng lồ other businesses

The key resources of IPC are creativity và great economic vision, human resource management in line with scientific researches that turn concepts into feasible projects. Therefore, IPC is now an efficient supporter of the State in creating attractive sầu environment for domestic and foreign companies’ investments. IPC always places the benefits of the society & economic on the top when executing projects of developing TP HCM thành phố in general & the South area in particular.

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After 25 years of development, IPC has been awarded the “First-grade Labor Medal” & the Prime Mister’s Certificate of Merit …

Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Corporation (IPC)


Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation (Formerly Central Trading và Development Group (CT&D – Taiwan)) was established in September of 1989. During this period, Vietnam giới opened the door for calling foreign investment. Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation management team, with its foresight, flexible strategy making, and professional và astute business acumen, studied investment opportunities & finally established Tan Thuan Corporation (Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone), Phu My Hung Development Corporation (Phu My Hung City Center) và Tan Phat New Development Company Ltd.

Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation is a Taipei-based company formed by a group of international entrepreneurs who have sầu played a significant role in the extraordinary economic transformation of Taiwan, and who have demonstrated the ability lớn successfully anticipate và capitalize on the rapid changes in the Asian business world. The management team of Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation possesses the necessary ingredients for success–a long-term vision, resourcefulness, perseverance, & professional management.

Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation’s Corporate Philosophy

Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation’s Corporate philosophy could best be described by: “ask not what we can take away, but what we can leave sầu behind.” Meeting the needs of the local people và the government has been the foundation of Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation’s investment strategy.

To achieve sầu this objective sầu, Phu My Hung Asia Holdings Corporation has adhered to its policy of innovation, efficiency, reliability & simplithành phố in all of its investments và has, thus far, been successful.

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